Finansiering och organisation DESY

DESY budget uppgår till 192 million euro (Hamburg: 173 million; Zeuthen: 19 million). Finansieringen sker till 90 % genom nationella statliga bidrag och 10 % genom regionala bidrag från de regionala myndigheterna (City of Hamburg and Federal State of Brandenburg).

DESY har drygt 2000 personer anställda, varav 650 forskare. Mer än 3000 gästforskare från mer än 40 länder besöker DESY varje år. Drygt 100 unga personer inom industri och teknisk erbjuds praktik vid DESY varje år. Ytterligare 700 examinerade studenter och doktorander erbjuds kompetensutveckling i olika former.


Michigan high school mascots

Just as important as a school’s name and its location is its mascot. Options abound, and some teams go with wholesale jerseys the commonplace while others go with the truly unique.

In Michigan, there are 774 schools with mascots listed in the MaxPreps database. Listed below are the Top 15 most popular mascot names in Michigan, the mascot names that only one school owns and other mascot facts/stats.

NIMRODS: wholesale jerseys outlet A COMPLIMENT OR A KNOCK?What is known for sure is that those associated with the Watersmeet athletic program take pride in their mascot name: The Nimrods. What isn’t so clear is what people take the mascot name to mean. On the plus side for the folks in the town on the Upper Peninsula, Nimrod was a mighty hunter, a man of power and the king of Shimar in the Bible. On the not so wonderful side, common dialect refers to someone as a Nimrod when they are an idiot or jerk. All those definitions (great hunter or idiot) come from the Merriam Webster Dictionary. So choose whichever definition you would like, but be careful who you call an idiot.

DOUGHBOYS DON’T HAVE TO BE CHUBBYDon’t think you’re going to find a bunch of chubby, unathletic kids at Pershing (Detroit). The mascot name may tell you that the athletes there are Doughboys, but it’s got nothing to do with physical fitness or Pillsbury. The school is named after John J. Pershing, who was one of America’s most accomplished Army leaders, and the mascot name comes from some of the soldiers he led in World War I.

CHIX LEAD TO DUX IN ZEELANDIt’s one thing for an individual school to come cheap authentic jerseys up with a unique idea for a mascot name. It’s another for a town to stick to a theme and have two high schools that play off each other in an amusing way. Zeeland, located on the western part of the Lower Peninsula, gained fame in the 20th century with a multitude of chick hatcheries, and the Chix nickname stuck at the original high school, according to the Michigan High School Athletic Association. It even withstood a vote to change the name. Then in cheap jerseys shop 2002, when Zeeland West was built, a vote determined that the new school’s athletes would be called Dux. So Chix (from Zeeland East) have led to Dux at the new school (Zeeland West).Articles Connexes: