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Ungefär en tredjedel av den gigantiska projektbudgeten på 13 miljarder Euro är upphandlad och det återstår därmed inköp för åtskilliga miljarder, direkt eller genom in-kind-bidrag. De största inköpen genomföras under 2014-2015.

ITER tecknar leverantörskontrakt i enlighet med EU-direktivet om offentlig upphandling och upphandlingsförfarandet skall, i likhet med LOU, vara öppet, selektivt, förhandlat eller ske genom konkurrenspräglad dialog.


Aktuella upphandlingar presenteras här: http://www.iter.org/org/team/adm/proc/overview

Anmäl dig till ITER:s leverantörsregister här: https://user.iter.org/Portal/PublicPages/supplierregistration.aspx


Alla företag som samarbetar med ITER eller söker affärsmöjligheter är välkomna att kontakta the Welcome Office for International Companies (WOIC). De hjälper till med att söka affärspartners, identifiera återförsäljare och mycket annat, www.woic.org.


Women Want Men To Do More Body Hair Grooming

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ Fellas, if you want women to find you more attractive, you might start grooming a little more below the neck, not to mention your eyebrows, ears and nostrils. And ladies, you should speak up about what you think looks good. Odds are your guy will listen.

Those are some of the key findings in a survey released today by Remington Products, a leader in men’s grooming and shaving tools. The nationwide poll asked 435 males about their personal grooming habits and 440 females about what male grooming styles they find the most attractive. The results: both men and women prefer a clean shaven face and said grooming is key to making a first impression. More than half the women (57 percent) think poor grooming is a major turn off if not a total deal breaker.

Back hair Nearly three quarters of the women (71 percent) prefer men at least trim their backs to avoid looking like Neanderthals, and 33 percent would prefer a complete shave. cheap nfl jerseys china Overall, 40 percent of the women agree. However, 43 percent of the total women surveyed prefer men keep all their chest hair, considering it a sign of masculinity. And 17 percent want a smooth chest without a single wholesale nhl jerseys hair. Of the total women surveyed, 42 percent prefer that look, but another 42 percent think any grooming down under would comprise a guy’s manliness. The other 16 percent? They’d like it clean as a whistle. Nearly two thirds of the men (63 percent) said they’re still as hairy as God made them. One key take away from the survey: men and women should tell each other what styles they think look best. Fifty two percent of the men said they would consider shaving if it was important to their significant others, and 34 percent of the women said their men do, in fact, need to spend more time grooming. Yet one in five (21 percent) of the women said they wouldn’t broach the topic to avoid hurting feelings.

”The survey results reveal information I’ve not seen aired publicly on women’s preferences for men’s grooming habits and that women rarely say it,” said Kim Hegel, Marketing Communications Manager, Remington Products. ”Women want their men to spend more time manscaping and at Remington, we have quality, affordable tools to help men do just that.”

To test different grooming and hair styles, Remington has wholesale jerseys china created the Face of Success Challenge, an online game centered on creating a ”look” or ”style” with the help of various Remington and grooming shaving tools. In the game, guys create their own avatar by choosing from a combination of hair styles and facial hair looks then try their skills with the game’s female characters, including the fitness instructor, the blonde bombshell and the girl next door. While playing the game, guys have a conversation with the women, gauge the responses and see how much face time they get.

Remington a leading supplier of innovative and affordable electric shavers, body groomers and hair care products, is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands, Inc.

Spectrum Brands is a global consumer products company and a leading supplier of batteries, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, specialty pet supplies, lawn garden and home pest control products, personal insect repellents and portable lighting. Helping to meet the needs of consumers worldwide, included in its cheap wholesale jerseys portfolio of widely trusted brands are Rayovac Remington Varta Tetra Marineland Nature’s Miracle Dingo 8 In 1 Spectracide Cutter Repel and HotShot Spectrum Brands’ products are sold by the world’s top 25 retailers and are available in more than one million stores in more than 120 countries around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Spectrum Brands generates annual revenue from continuing operations in excess of $2 billion annually.Articles Connexes: